brenshok llc custom scout scope mounts Mauser, Mosin-Nagant, Enfield, Swede, Swiss rifles

Custom-Made Scout scope mounts for Mauser, Mosin-Nagant, Enfield, Swede, Swiss rifles without alteration of the original open sights.


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Brenshok No Drill & Tap Scout Scope Mounts

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    BrenShok presently makes Weaver rail type scout scope mounts for selected military bolt action rifles which require no modification to the rifles. This means no mill, drill and/or tap required, though in some cases, the customer may opt to make some minor adjustments using a file. Each different model rifle has its own set of characteristics, so mounts attach differently, but in all cases the original rear sights will not be removed and can be used as a backup beneath the scope. Leaving the rear sight intact has proven to be a benefit, in case the owner decides to restore the rifle to original state in the future.

    The patented BrenShok mounts are made entirely from types of steel chosen for appropriateness and thickness of sections in order to provide sufficient strength, making flex negligible. Each model rifle is studied until an adequate method of attachment is determined, so that secure mounting will not be an issue and the scope will be as low as possible. When asked if thread locker should be used, we say to use it if you wish, but we have not found it to be necessary. Because of the negligible amount of flex, the screws do not work loose.